Modernization of test equipment for testing in the 21st century

In some test laboratories, they are test equipment that are equipped with analog control technology. The mechanical parts of test device are fully functional and still usable, but the analog control system no longer meets the requirements of 21st century for testing.

At the AV R&D test center, we have just completed the modernization of the hydraulic tensile testing machine, replacing the existing and obsolete control system with a new NI (National Instruments) based system with powerful hardware and IoT functionality for remote monitoring and control from the SystemLink server application environment. The modernization also enabled us to achieve significant savings in space in the laboratory, as the new control system was completely built into the box of the hydro-power unit.

If you are interested in the application of IoT technology for testing equipment and our experience with the modernization of the control system of testing equipment, do not hesitate and visit us in Chrudim.