Temperature box AV 33

AV R&D, s.r.o. expand its portfolio of testing services.

The existing powerful electrodynamic shaker LE-1216 with slip table expanded with a temperature box AV33 for vibration tests.
Temperature box volume is 3,3 m3 an inner dimension 1400x1700x1400 mm.

The acquisition of this technology will significantly increase the potential for the reconstruction of the operational load, when vibration tests of both materials and parts are exposed to real and extreme thermal loads due to the temperature box. By means of this box, it is possible to change the temperature conditions of vibration tests in the range of -50 ÷ 120°C, realized using the SWEPT SINE and MULTISINE method.
Temperature box was developed at AV R&D and modular concepts enable delivery of this technology to the testing laboratory center and production plants.