Analysis and simulations

Natural integration of technical calculations into the development processes—including the implementation of high-expertise analysis and simulations allows:
to reduce development iteration count
to reduce the costs involved in producing and testing a lot of prototypes
to shorten your project development times

Static and Dynamic Analysis

Linear and non-linear Analysis
Contact calculations
Plasticity and large deformations
Metal forming simulations (volume, surface)
Elastomer behavior analysis
Test simulations (functional, drop test, destruction)
Modal analyses and dynamic analysis for vibrations

Mechanism Analysis and Synthesis

Kinematic, static, and dynamic analysis
Cam synthesis
Guiding mechanism synthesis

Kinematic Vehicle Analysis

Analysis and optimization of automobile kinematics

Lifecycle Evaluation

Ductile fracture
Fatigue fracture
Brittle fracture
Crack propagation
Construction lifecycles

Optical System Analysis

Design and analysis of lighting and light distribution (light piping, backlight)
Design and analysis of light sources (fluorescent tubes, bulbs, LCD, etc.)
Colorimetry – source/component colour assessment

CFD analysis

Liquid and gas flow analysis
Shape designing and optimising
Shape evaluation concerning flow rate, pressure, temperature and induced forces

Temperature analysis

Analysis of steady and transient states